Startup management

Start you project with us, we can help you on any stage: idea generation, development, production, marketing and profit!

Development and support team

We provide high-quality development (web, software, iOS, Android) and technical support (Unix, Mailserver, Webserver optimization) for your projects.

Web hosting

You don't need to search for a server or cloud hosting elsewhere, we can provide you a place for new project rightaway. Save your time!


Web technologies

We can offer a full package of services for any web-project: hosting and server administration, database configuring, responsive web-development, building distributed systems.

Android/iOS applications

Development of Android/iOS applications for smartphones and tablets.

Backend services

Non-GUI server-side software, backup services and scripts for your projects

Project management

We can help you plan your project growth, develop an optimal workflow, handle operations tasks, provide a team work management.

Recent Projects

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